Inara Cedrins

Inara Cedrins is an American artist, writer and translator who went to
China in 1998 to learn to paint on silk and remained for five years teaching
writing and lecturing on art at Tshinghua University and Peking
University in Bejing before relocating to Riga, Latvia. There she started the
literary agency The Baltic Edge, and taught Creative Writing at the
University of Latvia. She has edited several anthologies and special issues
of Latvian, Baltic and Chinese poetry in the United States, and published
two chapbooks and one full collection of her own poetry, including
Fugitive Connections, which was published in 2007 by the Virtual Artists
collective. Her poems, stories and translations have appeared in many journals
and magazines worldwide, including The North American Review,
Chelsea, Prairie Schooner, Kansas Quarterly, Rhino, Atlanta Review,
Absinthe, The Minnesota Review, and many others.
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